Three Myths That Won’t Cure Your Hangover

Hangover myths

We’ve all heard urban legends of hangover cures. In fact, chances are that you have tried a few over the years. However, not all hangover wisdom is accurate. Here are some myths that definitely will not cure your hangover.

Hair of the Dog

One of the most common hangover myths is that waking up and starting to drink again will prevent a hangover. This is not only untrue but also a horrible idea. Drinking more will potentially exacerbate a hangover and could delays it from ending. Since drinking leaves you dehydrated, you want something like Vita Pro 21’s WHEN that will quickly hydrate you instead.


Head to the Coffee Shop

Coffee is great for getting up and energizing in the morning, but not the beverage you want to turn to when you have a hangover. Alcohol and coffee have one important thing in common – they both serve to dehydrate you. This means that chugging a few cups of coffee will likely only increase the severity of your hangover. Turn instead to something refreshing that restores your hydration.


Hit the Gym

You may have heard that engaging in a strenuous workout will cure a hangover. When you think about it, it’s easy to see that this is a horrible idea. Intense workouts while dehydrated can hurt your body and make hangover symptoms much worse. You are also more at risk of accidents and injuries when hungover so the gym is somewhere to avoid. Some movement is fine, but limit it to something like a slow stroll outdoors.

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