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Whether you are drinking to celebrate or to drown your sorrows, one thing everybody can agree on is that hangovers can turn out to be quite a hassle. You wake up the next morning tired, sometimes having little to no clue about certain events that happened last night. But that’s not the only thing you need to worry about. With a hangover, comes a lot of different side effects that no one will ever love. You feel fatigued, immensely dehydrated, suffer from major headaches, have nausea and so much more. There are several ways you can cure your hangover symptoms: sleeping, drinking water, fitness drinks, vitamin B supplements, heavy meals, medications, etc.

You can also use drinks that can aid you in your hungover problem. One drink is the center of attention in this article… “WHEN” presented by Vita Pro 21 is a drink that has proven to be effective in reducing the severity of hangover symptoms. On top of that, the drink has been clinically tested to help you get rid of your hangover side effects. This article will take a quick look at some of the ingredients present in “WHEN” and how they help you in combating hangover symptoms.

Hangover cure drink Recipe Ingredients

If you do a quick search online, you are bound to find a large number of hangover drinks with many different recipes. This naturally will cause confusion among readers who might find it difficult to decide which drink is best suited for their needs. It is a genuine problem especially if you are new to the drinking game. Here we will break down the many ingredients included in “WHEN” and what makes them so effective in reducing your hangover symptoms. Let’s begin:

  • 5-HTP

First on the list is 5-HTP which is the source of an essential amino acid L-Tryptophan. For those not in the know, L-Tryptophan is linked to serotonin which is also commonly known as the happy hormone. In other words, the hormone serotonin is responsible for making you feel good. The levels of serotonin in your body can affect things like your mood, sleep, and hunger. Those who have suffered from a hangover would know that these are the aspects that are most affected by a hangover. People who suffer from a hangover can have mood swings and high levels of anxiety that can affect your other body functions like sleep. A disturbed sleep cycle then leads to further problems. 5-HTP (being one of the main ingredients in “WHEN”) will ensure good levels of serotonin in your body which fix your mood and help you get the rest you need. On top of this, 5-HTP has also been known to reduce headaches and migraines which will help with the hangover headache problem. The 5-HTP used in “WHEN” is also extracted from natural sources i.e. a plant named Griffonia simplicifolia rather than relying on synthetic options.

  • Milk thistle

Next up on the list is Milk thistle, which is a plant known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Milk thistle can be found throughout the Mediterranean and also in California (it mainly comes from Greece). The plant has certain properties that make it a very good choice for certain treatments. Milk thistle contains silybin and silymarin antioxidants. Because of these components, the plant is used to protect the liver from toxins. We know that consuming too much alcohol is not good for a person’s health. Certain components in alcohol can prove to be really harmful to certain parts of the body including the liver. Milk thistle helps ease the inflammation and promotes cell repair in the liver. It has also been known to be somewhat effective against other liver diseases like cirrhosis, jaundice, and cancer. The inclusion of this plant in “WHEN” will help protect your liver from any toxins present in alcohol and make sure that liver functions are not disturbed.

  • Turmeric

Anyone who has had their fair share of hangovers will know that turmeric is one of the best cures you can get to ease your hangover problems. For those not in the know, turmeric is an ancient herb from India with over 600 medicinal properties. Being a very powerful anti-inflammatory herb, turmeric does an excellent job of reducing any mental or physical effects of a hangover. Just like milk thistle, it also plays a role in reducing inflammation of your liver to make sure that it is functioning properly. People often use turmeric water to reduce hangover symptoms and that’s why it is an essential ingredient in “WHEN”. Other benefits of turmeric include promoting healthy skin and reducing the risks of cardiovascular diseases.

  • Acai berry extract

This berry comes from the Acai palm tree which is native to Central and South America. The extract collected from this berry has very powerful antioxidant properties. It is one of the latest foods to join the superfood family. It is packed with vitamins, minerals, omega fats, vegan, fiber, etc. The Acai berry extract has proven to be a good remedy for headaches and other hangover-related problems. Not only does it help in alleviating these symptoms, but it also energizes your body and helps you fight fatigue. An Acai berry bowl is one of the most effective breakfasts you can have after a night of hangover. Other benefits include promoting heart health, promoting healthy skin, and boosting immunity.

  • Vitamins B1, B2, B5 & B12

One of the nutrients that are specifically affected by the large amount of alcohol consumed is Vitamin B. Vitamin B plays an important role in brain function, cell metabolism, and immune system and has a direct impact on your energy levels. Alcohol consumption reduces the amount of Vitamin B present in your body. This limits your body’s capability to eliminate alcohol. Thus, a good practice is to consume a sizable meal having good quantities of vitamin B. Thus, “WHEN” comes packed with Vitamins B1, B2, B5 & B12 that treat your hangover problems and help regain lost energy.

  • L-Tyrosine

L-Tyrosine is an amino acid that further acts as a precursor to certain neurotransmitters in our body. An example of these neurotransmitters includes Dopamine and Epinephrine. It helps in reducing stress level hormones which might increase in some people after consuming too much alcohol etc. People that have anxiety problems can find these problems escalated after a long session of drinking which then leads to other hangover problems. L-Tyrosine causes relaxation and reduces anxiety and stress. It helps a person calm down and helps with sleep deprivation.

  • L-Carnitine

L-carnitine is a chemical that is made in the human brain, liver, and kidneys. It helps convert fat into energy and also plays many important roles to ensure our body functions properly. It plays a role in brain function, heart function, muscle movement, etc. It is used for treating certain disorders and to deal with L-carnitine deficiency. Other functions include boosting the immune system, preventing damage, and assisting with stress from training, colds, and allergies.

  • Magnesium

Magnesium is an essential mineral for staying healthy. Also, it is required for biochemical reactions in the body. Multiple health benefits of magnesium include transmission of nerve impulses, body temperature regulation, and detoxification. Moreover, it produces energy and forms healthy bones and teeth. Things like irritability and anxiety can be amplified by alcohol consumption and can then lead to less sleep and headaches. For more people who suffer from anxiety more than others (shy people) large amounts of drinking can have severe side effects like headaches and nausea. Magnesium helps in combating this issue by relieving stress and anxiety which helps in sleeping after a long drinking session. It can also reduce migraines which can be effective against hangover headaches.

  • Potassium

It is important to hydrate your body before and after a round of heavy drinking. But water is not the only thing you are going to lose after consuming a heavy amount of alcohol. All the electrolytes present in that water will also be eliminated from your body leading to electrolyte imbalance. To counter this, it is necessary that you consume products that can not only deal with dehydration but also help you recover your lost electrolytes. Potassium is one such electrolyte and it is one of the main ingredients of “WHEN”. Just like magnesium, it helps in relieving stress and anxiety.


With this list of ingredients, we can easily see why “WHEN” can be a good drink for curing your hangover problems. The drink is packed full of natural products that not only act as energy boosters for your body but also allow you to reduce your hangover symptoms. “WHEN” you are looking for a more natural healthier energy drink or a cure for your hangover problems, you can’t go wrong with “WHEN”.




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