The Hangover Shot to Get You Through 2022

Cure your hangover

If you love a night out drinking and socializing but hate the feeling of a horrible hangover the next morning, you don’t necessarily need to alter your social calendar. Instead, you simply need the hangover shot to get you through 2022. Let’s take a look at the many benefits of Vita Pro 21’s WHEN, your next hangover solution.


Specially Designed to Restore Homeostasis


That horrible feeling you get due to a hangover occurs when your body falls out of homeostasis. This means you are not at a state of balance. Maybe you have low blood sugar, imbalanced electrolytes, or some other problem common with hangovers.


WHEN is designed by experts in nutrition to specifically rehydrate and reenergize your body. This hangover cure is the perfect recovery drink because it contains the vitamins and minerals your body needs while being enriched with amino acids and botanicals.


It Helps with More than Hangovers


While designed as a hangover solution, WHEN brings with it many other benefits while simultaneously getting rid of your hangover. It helps you to become rehydrated, which is critical for having energy. As such, people report that WHEN is great because it will not leave you groggy like other hangover cures.


Additionally, WHEN is specially formulated to provide a strong boost to your immune system. This is particularly helpful because your immune system often suffers from a night of heavy drinking. WHEN helps strengthen your immune functioning, helping you ward off illnesses and pathogens.


It’s Affordable


If you’ve shopped around for hangover cures, you know that some can be quite expensive. This simply is not the case with WHEN. At less than $10 per hangover shot, a four pack of when is your secret weapon against hangovers. You’ll likely spend less on your shot of WHEN than you did on some of your drinks the night before.


It’s Made with Health in Mind


Many people have concerns when it comes to what they put in their body. Thus, WHEN is created without GMOs or artificial colors and is caffeine free and sugar free. Additionally, it is free of gluten, dairy, nuts, wheat, and shellfish in order to make it available more broadly. Finally, it is animal cruelty free. Rest assured that WHEN is ethically created with your best interest in mind. Plus, the orange flavor is delicious!


Not matter what it throws at you, get through 2022 with WHEN hangover shot.

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